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My first ever official book review! What fun!

by Adryenn Ashley, Bret Ridgway and Caterina Rando (yes A - B - C)

I thought this book was excellent and suspect there will be tips of value no matter how seasoned of a speaker you are. And with a cost of less than $10 it's a no-brainer investment!

It's just 161 pages - a very quick read! I did it in a few hours and that was with taking a lot of notes.

My video above shares what I liked, the one thing I disagreed with, and why I feel it should be on the bookshelf (not collecting dust mind you, but because you'll read it now and again) of every speaker!

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YEP - that's it! Short and sweet...yes, the video is 8 minutes, but it will give you a good sense of what's in the book and why it's worth your investment of $10 and a few hours to read it.

Until the next one...wishing you abundant blessings!

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